The secret of a happy family lies within smart choices. The smartest choices are always quality products that are trustworthy and have affordable prices. Komili Yuvam Paper Towel ensures that the product has high absorbency and durability by using new Absorbent Cell Technology that is used for the first time in Turkey.

What is Absorbent Cell Technology?

Absorbent Cell Technology increases the strength of paper with multi-dimensional pattern without sacrificing important features of paper such as softness, absorbency and water holding capacity. Komili Yuvam has an improved absorbency with water entrapping micro-cells within its texture.

While absorbing water immediately, strong texture does not decompose immediately when contacted with water. Special texture provides extra-softness, so Komili Yuvam Paper Towel can be used even on delicate surfaces with 100% trust. Easy to use with select-a-size option.