Aktül KağıtWhat can be caused if a ply de-bonding occurs in a paper roll tail?

These rolls should be carefully used. When the tail is pulled, all plies should be moved together without being separated. Otherwise, you cannot easily turn the roll and you may feel the sheet weak and hard.

Aktül KağıtAre forests being destroyed in order to produce tissue?

The trees used in the production of pulp for tissue raw material should be provided from industrial forests that are certified for sustainability.

Aktül KağıtIs the number of plies an important feature in bathroom tissue and paper towel?

The number of plies is a determining criterion of the quality segment of bathroom tissue and paper towel. In general, 3-ply products are categorized in the premium segment whereas, 2-ply products are categorized in value-up segment and single-ply products are categorized in the economy segment.

Aktül KağıtIs it suitable to use paper towel or napkin to absorb the oil in fried food?

It is suitable to use paper towels or napkins that have a certificate of compatibility with direct contact to all classes of food. However, paper towels or napkins that are not certified should not be used in direct contact to food. Paper towels and napkins that are not certified for compatibility with direct food contact might include some chemicals that are not suitable for human health. These chemicals might transfer to food and be stored in human body. Komili Konfor Paper Towel and Komili Konfor Napkin are both certified by ISEGA Laboratories in Germany and both are suitable for direct food contact.

Aktül Kağıt How should a high-quality paper towel be like?

The initial expectations from a paper towel are high absorbency rate and water absorption capacity. Also, a strong structure that avoids the paper from falling into pieces during wet usage is also an important feature of paper towel.

Aktül KağıtHow should a high-quality bathroom tissue be like?

The most important features of a high-quality bathroom tissue is softness, absorbance, withstanding wet usage for temporary period and not clogging the toilet later.

Aktül KağıtWhat is dust problem in tissue paper?

During paper production process, some of the cellulose fibers are cut and gain very short length. These small length fibers can easily be separated from the finished product surface and create paper dust. This dust has no danger in terms of hygiene and human health.